Again, please forgive me to posting this in December. This month has been mentally challenging for me and my time management skills have been non-existent. So, Please forgive me.

Time Management Content

Due to lack of motivation, I haven’t been able to work on sketching much for this month. Hence the missing posts on Patreon and Deviant Art subscriptions. I will be sure to post an apology on said platforms. However, I am unsure if its needed as I don’t actually have any subscribers…

I am sure I need to review my goal for the project and re-work it a little. The feeling like I need to recharge and refresh before I post anything again, has been weighing on my mind. I’ll take a break till the new year, I don’t know when exactly that will be. As it’s the busy season and I have a lot to do.

Time Management Background

I am sure the topic of this month’s content is pretty self explanatory. I have really trying my best to get everything done, but my priorities have been all over the place. Recently, I’ve been trying my best to adjust things here and there. Yet, nothing felt right.

I have put most things off this month as I haven’t been really feeling right. I haven’t been following my goal for November, which was to exercise more. I have been more distracted by doing random things for my Bujo. Such as writing out header ideas, or planning my December layout spreads. I have been keeping up with chores, which I guess that is something.

However, I have been wondering if I have been doing everything I can for my LO. I do search for activities for my child and I try my best to rotate the activities. My LO loves to colour and draw pictures. Luckily she has mastered certain activity words, so she will tell me what she wants to do. And of course she knows the word please, as she indicates by touching or pointing to what she wants. It’s that never fading of guilt in the back of my mind that I’m not doing enough and I should stop trying to get a few things done here and there. Leaving them to the limited time I have while she is sleeping.

My Bujo Changes

At least there has been somethings that I managed to get done, it just wasn’t really that important. But getting everything ready for December meant I didn’t have to waste time to draw the weekly logs. Saving time during the busiest month of the year to focus on other things.


My challenge for this month(November, and now in December as well) has been time management. I need to put things back in order so I can feel more on top of things. I do wonder if the reason I have been lost the past few weeks was because I wasn’t really reflecting on the day. As I have changed to weekly spreads, maybe there isn’t enough room to fully sort things out.

Since I’ve tried to cut down on my Bujo time, I’ve managed to cut out an important activity for keeping me mentally stable. This idea has only just hit me as I am typing away at my keyboard. I kept worry about time that I forgot the most important reason as to why I started a Bujo in the first place.

The Bullet Journal Method

It really was a good time to finally buy the book written by the Bullet Journal creator, Ryder Carroll. I need to find out if there was something I was doing wrong or could improve on to help with my time management. Pinterest is full of people ideas for spreads, but not much really information on the actual system.

The book has really interesting and I understand more about the connection to each page or collection. I’m still about half way through, but hopefully it will me understand how I can improve my practice.

The Conclusion

I am really hoping that taking a break from sketching for this project will help. I really want to improve and work on my skills to make the best content that I can. While this project is still fairly new, I know that I can improve on things and make it better. Its finally time for an evaluation period!!

I will be updating about my Bujol journey, so please keep an eye out for those posts.


~Thank you~

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