This month has been crazy, but in a good way. Halloween is my favourite time of year, and this year was extra special as I hosted my first ever party. Then on Wednesday – Thursday, we went on a mini family trip. There was so much going on, that I didn’t find much time to work on this project.

Speaking – October Content

I have finally released all of this months content. All of my social media have been updated, and I’ve posted all the content for the tiers/subscriptions on Patreon and Deviant Art.

I was wondering about changing up the content that is available. This month, I haven’t posted a message and letter for the subscriptions, as I wondered if there was another way to utilise these platforms. Plus as I am posting more here on my website, that would be the best way to talk more. I might still post a message for all the tiers and leave a summery in the description.

In addition to the normal artwork, I mentioned in my previous post, I have also added my “Draw a Pumpkin” and my “Memory Cards” to the tiers on Patreon. So if you want to take a look at those, please subscribe.

Speaking – Background

Raising a child has one big challenge, which I am currently tackling. While my LO is picking up so many random words. It’s even more challenging as she is learning 2 languages. This is a big obstacle for me, as my Japanese level is still very low and I lack confidence in speaking it. Having to teach my LO to speak fluently in both is so very difficult. I do speak more to her in English and she respond better to do. Hearing the Japanese translation must be confusing to her.

However, she does a fair few dual language toys, thanks to fisher price on Amazon. So is able to hear numbers, colours, and shapes in both languages. Even thought she tends to only repeat the English, at least she is kind of familiar to the translation.

While I say my LO understands English more, I have focused on teaching Japanese etiquette and manners. Especially the very important ones that she will have to use daily. She knows “いっただきます” and “ごちそうさまでした”, but can only say “ます” and “でした” at the moment. Its a start at least. At one point, I did have her bowing when I said “ありがとう”. But she has stopped doing it and just says “thank you” and “please”.

I know I have a long way still to go, but I am taking it as a good start. Hopefully she still start speaking more Japanese soon, or at least in phrases.

Bullet Journal

Its been a few weeks into making my own journal to help reflect on my moods and activities during the day. Things have changed slightly. One big change is that after going through the first two weeks, I realised the paper was a little on the thin side and everything felt a little cramped.

So, I went on Amazon and found The Bullet Journal Edition 2. Not only were the pages thicker, but it was in A5 instead of B6 for the Free log notebook. So The old notebook is for lettering practice in pencil.

It has been very therapeutic to set it all up and work on creating the daily spreads. Plus having the quote section has helped with my lettering and experimenting with different fonts and colours. Although I have only used this new journal for 1 weeks, it definitely feels better to do.

My only hope is that it will help me stay on the right track and help clear my head. I will be sure to keep updating on my journey with this journal.

Mini Holiday

One of the reasons, I said earlier that I had to delaying posting due to going on a mini family trip. I was very lucky, that my Husband had planned and booked everything for a 2-day holiday. He didn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing, except to pack warm clothes for our LO as we will be walking around outside for most of the day.

As we left in the morning on Wednesday, he still didn’t tell me where we were going. It wasn’t until we had been driving for over hour, that I read the road signs and were on our way to Nagasaki Prefecture. I had never been there before, so I was excited to see where exactly we would going.

Nagasaki City

Our first stop with to the Glover Gardens in Nagasaki City. It was so beautiful there and seeing British style influences in the architecture made me miss home a little. It took a few hours to walk around as we had a buggy, so it wasn’t like we could take the stairs and cut the route in half.

After walking around the gardens, we walked towards a very famous Cathedral and walked around the shops before going inside. I did find a lovely Glass Pen lettering set, and fell in love with the idea of creating beautifully written message cards for Christmas, so I bought it. Then we went to a children’s picture book store, and the staff were kindly interacting with out LO as we looked around.

The major downside to the Cathedral, was there was way too many stairs, and we couldn’t leave the buggy anywhere. So my husband had to carry the buggy with out LO inside, up a long stair case, and then again when walking around the exhibits. As I was brought up in a religious household, I was familiar with how other countries struggled for keeping their faith, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant. So reading about what happened in Japan was interesting but also emotional.

Sasebo City

We had an hours drive from Nagasaki to our hotel. So before we checked in, we went to a mall to eat dinner and found a restaurant which had Lemon Steak, which Nagasaki is famous for. We then walked around for a little before going to check in.

Our hotel was a Henn na Hotel. So we were welcomed by robots. They scared a LO, so I comforted her while hubby checked us in. We got into our room and got ready to sleep as our LO must have been tired from not really sleeping all day.

The next day, we spent walking around Huis Ten Bosch. It was so beautiful, and as we were there during a week day, there wasn’t many people around, except for some students on a school trip. We definitely got our steps in as we spent most of the day walking, take photos and sitting down to eat.

However, it was all great fun and seeing the illuminations in the evening was one of the highlights. Especially as they had put so many pumpkins in their Forest walk area, it was beautifully lit up and our LO loved it.


Now as the festive season for Halloween is coming to a close. I should be able to organise my time better for creating content for November, before its all manic again for Christmas.

I really have enjoyed doing so much this month. So I really need a relaxing month to follow it. I will be posting another blog entry soon, so till then…

~Thank you~

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