I recently was looking into ways to help me deal with my anxiety and moods, so I was looking on online, one thing that came up was writing a journal. Then I remembered that Amazon has some self-care journals, so I was looking through and using the reviews as a guide, to finding one to help with my anxiety.

As I have finally started to work out again after so long of trying to adjust to motherhood. Its about time I tried to get my health back on track. Meaning not only my physical health, but also I want to manage my emotions better. I feel like I have been lashing out a little to much and I know it is doing more harm than good.


I want set myself manageable goals each day, so I can not only manage my time better, but feel more comfortable in setting time for myself. Starting with only simple goals, so I can work on building it up over time. I hope that it will help me in some way, but it is definitely worth a try for now, to see how it goes.

This journal will help reflect more on each day, so I can find ways to help deal with certain situations that may occur. It does have a lot of charts and trackers, so you can see how you go over the time period.

Work Out Sessions

As I mentioned earlier, I have start getting back into shape. At the moment I have only set it to 3 sessions a week, to see if I am able to fit them into my week. So far, I have already done 2, and I need to do one more for this week.

I do wonder if cleaning the house counts as a workout though? I am cleaning the house most days. Its not just the simple packing away my LO’s toys, but vacuuming, wiping the floors, and doing the laundry. Doing a good clean most days definitely builds up a bit of sweat. Especially when you forget to put your LO in the playpen, and they are trying to help in their own way.

I saw online that one way to maintain a clean house is to do the laundry everyday, but I think doing every other day is ok. I don’t think doing it every day is practical and I would rather allow space between doing it all, that feel like I am doing the same things every day.

Trial Period

So, I will see how things go over a trial period, and I will be sure to update my progress to see if it has actually helped, or if I should try a different approach. If you have ways that you have found helpful, then please comment and share if you are happy to do so.


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