It really was a busy Christmas this year. Especially as my family managed to get Covid just before Christmas. Thus, all of our plans were cancelled and we were in isolation.

Covid finally reached our home

We have been doing well till this month. My husband had already been off for a week as his co-worker caught covid back in November, but he didn’t show any signs of symptoms. Then on 17th December, I noticed our little one was not her usual self and had a high fever. I was waiting for my hubby to come home to see what he thought. But he never came home. Not only had the car broken down, but he caught covid. He stayed at his parents house while I looked after our LO. She had a fever for a 2 days and it went down.

But just to check, hubby booked her a hospital appointment on the Monday. She tested positive for covid. My heart sank as I knew it could be serious if her symptoms got worse. The doctor was very kind and tried to explain in simple English that I have to just let it run its course . If she gets worse, I have to take her to the hospital. He also said that its ok for hubby to come home.

We were very fortunate that they got better after a few days. I caught a cold, with a tiny high temperature. So, my hubby told me to stay in bed and get better. It was nice to have meals brought to me, and not having to worry about what our LO was up to. I also had time to start working on my Bujo for January.

Well I never got tested for covid, I think I might have been very lucky as I spent more time with our child, where they get mild cases. Sadly my MIL caught covid from my husband. She is on the mend now, but we haven’t contacted her since this Monday.

Getting my 2023 Bujo started

I finally ordered 2 new bullet journals on Notebook Therapy at the start of the month. I bought them to use when I finished my current bullet journal. However, after thinking it over, I decided to start the new year with a new journal. I am using the remaining pages in the current on to help with ideas and lettering fonts. Then I can be as creative as I want in that journal. Trying out ideas and themes before using them in the new journal. Although as they are different sizes, its very hard to plan layouts. So I have been working on box borders and lettering instead.

It really has been fun to start making spreads in the new journal. I feel much more prepared for the coming year than I have ever been. It also means that I have to wait to start using it as there is still a few days of 2022 left.

My 2023 Bujo

As you can see I have been busy. Once I started to doing it, I found that it was a little difficult to think of what pages I wanted to include. I knew that I wanted to focus this journal on my mental health. Hence the Peace & Joy and self-improvement pages. I am not one for wanting to keep track of what I read or watch, so I didn’t see the point added those pages. Of course, I can always add them in later, if I feel like I do want such spreads. That is one good thing about the Bujo. You can always add things in later and then add them to the index for reference.

I have also been careful to only do one weekly spread, as this is my first B5 journal, I need to experiment with the layout to find what suits me best. I’m hoping to get back into writing my thoughts of the day in my journal. As that form of release helped me end the day on a better note. Since I stopped writing my thoughts and only doing the minimum of reflections, I felt that my mind has been all over the place. There was no real end of the day, so I still had thoughts running through my head before I went to sleep. Fingers crossed this will help.

Goals and Resolutions

As the new year approaches, I feel like I really need to up my game. It has been a while since I made any new year’s resolutions. While I have yet to fully decide on anything, I still have a few days to really think about it. I have thought about things I want to improve on in 2023, and I’ve written some down already in my Bujo. There is still room for move. Maybe writing a main resolution will help motivate me more within the coming year.

I will be sure to update on what I have decided. But for now, I’ll try to think of what I want to work on most in 2023.

The End of 2022

It really is strange to think of what has happened in 2022. There has been some big changes for my family and I. Looking back, its crazy to think that we moved into our family home this year. A major first step into fully making a life for our family.

I even started this project this year and while it is still in its early stages, I am looking forward to what I will do in 2023. I really hope I can improve my art skills and continue to aim to posting content each month.

Then with starting to work on my mental health this year, has lead me to start a bullet journal to keep my habits and emotions in check. It has been a little difficult to finding what works best for me, but I have kept at it and that is the main thing. While dealing with issues is never easy, finding new ways to help deal with the little things first, is a step in the right direction.

So, fingers crossed that 2023 will be a great year. A year where I can finally feel like I am on top of things. I want to do better, not only for myself, but for my Little One. Creating a stable home for her is an important thing.

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