This past month my family moved into our new home, so I’ve been busy unpacking, building furniture, and arranging everything to it looks nice, or at least trying to.


I’ve really been thinking about what I want this home to be for out little one. I may have trouble communicating my own feelings, but I don’t want my LO to feel she has to hide her feelings from us. So I plan to research ways I can help her, and maybe, in doing so, help me too.

The main reasons I want my LO to feel comfortable talking about her feelings, is that not only have I heard plenty of stories about children being bullied, but I even noticed my own students stopped coming to school because of it when I was teaching. Most never come back to school after the summer holidays. Its such a shame to think that that is the only way for them to cope with it. As someone who was bullied at school, I want to support my child in anyway that I can to make sure she doesn’t feel totally alone and that there some things I can help with. I also want my LO to know that she has nothing to feel ashamed of. Being “Half” (Half Japanese and half British, in her case) is something I want her to be proud of. She gets to experience two different cultures, and being bilingual, which is something I am kind of jealous of as she will learn 2 languages from such a young age, while I am still struggling with learning Japanese.

While there are still other factures for wanting to be able to talk, I really just want my LO to know that I will always be there for her and I will do my best to support her the best way I can. I want her to talk about things and not hide things from me, which is different to my husband point of view. He wants us to be careful of our emotions around and not show her our angry side. But to me, that’s totally wrong, how is she meant to regulate her emotions if she doesn’t see or hear that all of her emotions are normal? While we want to be “strict” and teach her good manners and life without being stuck behind a screen, that doesn’t mean that suppressing our feelings goes with that. You can’t feel happy without feeling sad, you can’t feel fear without feeling angry, you can’t feel love without feeling pain. We all learn opposites while we grow up, and experiencing everything and learning how we can deal with it all is all in the process. I know that this will be a challenge and it definitely won’t be an easy road, but I really do want to support her in the best way possible. Yes, it is exciting to see how she grows and watch her blossom in to an amazing woman. Yet, I’m totally dreading it. I have always had a low self-esteem, and suffer from anxiety, but I don’t want my LO to have to feel the same way. Like every parent, we don’t want our child to go through all the difficulties we went through. We want them to have a better future. I only hope that it all works out. We don’t want the future holds, but I will always be there for her no matter what.

~Thank you~

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