I’ve been very busy the past weeks, so I apologise for not posting in a while. We had a Halloween party on Saturday and I was busy preparing everything. It was the first time I hosted a party, so I was very nervous.

Halloween Party

For the party, I decided to prepare games for the children and adults to play. I wanted to do something simple and as I had made many Karuta and Pairs cards in the past for my lessons. I thought that it would be fun to make my own Halloween Memory Game. It took me a few weeks to finish, but I made 25 illustrations in Paint Tool Sai. Then I used some colour paper as the backing card and a pumpkin cookie cutter as a stamp for the design.

Memory Cards and Draw a Pumpkin games

`Draw a Pumpkin` is a very cool version of a game I played a lot as a child called “Beetle Drive“. It was a fun game to play but this version has fewer rules and is quicker to draw. Moreover, I already made the base for them, so they just have to draw the features.

We also played Twister, as my husband wanted to play it and then our nieces did too. It was good to see more people joining in. Only the children played draw a pumpkin, and my MIL joined in with the memory card game.

The Planning

The only difficult part to planning a party, I think is all the cooking you have to do. I now have even more admiration for my Mother. She planned all the birthday parties for my 2 brothers and I. That was a lot of party planning and cooking! I wasn’t sure if the food I made would go down well with my Japanese family, but I was worried for nothing. They all enjoyed the food and the cookies I made, and even gave me compliments. There wasn’t much of the dishes I made left, so I guess I should be proud of that. It also helped how Cottage Pie was new to them and everyone wanted to try some.

Overall, I think the party was a success and everyone seemed to have fun. There is a possibility that we will be hosting a Christmas party. However, my BIL kept hinting that his sister should host it. Hopefully we will find out soon enough, as that needs more planning!

Content Up-date

As I have been busy making Halloween games, I thought I would make my very own Halloween Party pack for my Patreon subscribers. Please note that my Monarch tier will have all the activities and ideas, whereas my Swingtail tier will only have one activity. Please visit my Patreon for more details on which tier is the best for you. I will be posting an Up-date when the Halloween packs are available, so keep a look out.

Now I am free to get back to working on this month’s content. I got a lot done before changing my mind for last month’s concept. Meaning there isn’t much work for me to do. Fingers crossed I can complete it all before my deadline. Although, I will post if there is a delay in releasing the content.

Feeling Better

It has been weeks since my last outburst (I talked about here), and I have been doing better for it. I have been keeping up with writing in my journal. It has been helpful to reflect on each day and focus on the highlights rather than the struggles. My moods have only varied slightly and I have felt more in control of things.

While I was out buying a new planner, I found a free log1 journal at the bookstore and thought it would be great to make my own mood tracker journal.

1 Sorry the link is in Japanese only, as it is a Japanese product.

So far I have only made enough for 7 days, so I can try out the layout of everything and then later adjust if need be. However, I still have 2 weeks in journal to go, so I don’t know if I should finish all the weeks in the journal, or just start in the new one.

Current Goals

While focusing on preparing the Halloween party, I did also make some time to keep up with my workouts. I surprised myself with doing more workout sessions that I thought I could do. Although, I had a few days rest due to MamaN. Yet, I am determined to get back into it as it has helped with my stress and moods. I am still trying to find the best time of day to fit everything in. Every day is different and its hard to keep to an exact schedule.

The Conclusion

With the Halloween party over with, I can get back to focusing on this month’s content. I can also get back into my routine before I was rushing to complete the party games.

Although my LO has been trouble going to sleep at night. Resulting in less time for me to work while she is sleeping. I’m not sure if its because her nap time is too long. If she sleeps for 2 hours during the day, she won’t go to sleep till around 11pm at night. However, today she slept for 53 minutes, but feel asleep around 8:40pm. Please note that her bedtime routines starts at 7:30pm -8pm each night, she just takes longer to settle down.

Once we find a certain time frame that suits her, I can start to manage my time a lot better. Till then, I can’t say anything is set in stone. Please continue to check for up-dates for further information.

~Thank you~

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