How has it been a month since I actually posted last?! I have been so preoccupied and busy that I put off posting here for far too long.

A Busy Month Indeed…

In February, a lot that has happened to help distract me from things I should be doing (like posting here and working on content). Instead, I was fully into playing on my new PS5. It took me over a year, but I was finally able to get hold of one. Thus it meant that I spent a while playing games. Especially when Hogwarts Legacy was released. I have played the game almost every day since. Of course, I only play when my LO is either down for nap, or is down for the night.

However, I should really rephrase it…

Rather than saying it was distraction. It was actually more another extended period of stepping away from my project to clear my head and reflect on what I would like to be doing. Yet it wasn’t until I had a great chat with my best friend that I was able to start to shift my focus on how I could earn a little money to help fund my stationary buying addiction but won’t take too much of my time away from my LO.

I will not go into details as to what I plan to do, as I am still trying to figure it out. Once everything is finalised, and I am ready to start setting the wheels in motion, I’ll give as much info as I can.

Another reason for the delay in not posting, is because my laptop is slowly dying. There is a problem with the screen connection and sometimes it won’t just turn on. Which is not what someone who does digital art really wants to deal with. Then there is the fact that updates really slows it down. Also, when I was working on a piece, the PC would freeze while it tries to catch up. So I was in dire need of a new PC. After researching and finding one that suited my personal preferences, I found one, and it arrived yesterday.

I’ve been busy installing everything that I need for this project and I think I have it all set up in the way I like it.

Work on this month’s content has begun and I hope to get back into my daily schedule to help accommodate everything that I need to do. Fingers crossed that everything goes as I want it to.


So hopefully later in the year, I plan to change things up a little. I started this project in May 2022. To think it is almost a year old. Time sure does fly! As it is almost a year old, its the perfect time to re-evaluate and decide if I want to continue on this current path or go down a new one.

Meaning that I will have to be really strict with myself during the day. Allowing time slots to coincide with looking after my child will definitely not be an easy task. Yet, as I have done it before, I am sure I can do so again.


If there is one thing that I have never stopped doing, its my Bujo. My creative spark has burning bright this month.

March Trackers

It was the first time I tried drawing Mandala inspired artwork. It took me a long time and a few tries to find the border that I was envisioning. In addition, I even had a go at Dutch Doors. They are perfect for all my trackers and saved me time on having to draw the top border on each page.

March 1st Week Weekly Spread

Even my weekly spread got a Dutch Door style layout. Having only made a spread for one week, I am still having trouble with next weeks. I am undecided on if I should use the same layout for the rest of the month. Using Dutch Door spreads for the rest of the month would help save time on drawing the border. Yet, I would loose space for the weekly quote… I have until tomorrow to decide, as its my weekly reset day, and I must finish the spread ASAP.

Busy Life

This past month again, been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me. Depression and Anxiety had come to visit a few times. However, it was mostly at the beginning and end of the month. So I can only hope that March is better.

In between that, My LO had her first Birthday party with our Japanese Family. So I was busy planning her party, and preparing food. Her birthday is also close to Valentines day, so this year, My LO and I made biscuits for my Hubby. It was the first time I baked with my child, so I wasn’t really sure how it would go. But she had a lot of fun cutting out the biscuits with Mummy and then decorating them. I had to stop her from helping when I noticed she had started to eat the decorations, rather than putting them on the biscuit. But I am glad I gave it a try, as it made them more special for my husband.

As far as my anger management goes, I must say I am doing better. I haven’t raised my voice so much after I started reading “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” book. While I haven’t read it much recently, due to playing games, I feel like I have been working on responding rather than reacting more. I have been trying to be calm and talk things through with my child.

However, there is conflicting differences between how my husband deals with it. I realised how much I have changed when my husband was trying to tell her off for throwing things. She was in tears and didn’t know what to do. His traditional style of parenting, is going to cause problems later on. But I am going to stay strong.

As my husband’s work hours are changing next week, he will be spending less time at home. Giving me more time to work on my parenting skills in the meantime. I know that children go through certain stages, and now that she is 2 years old, she needs more from us as parents. Who knows, maybe my husband will notice the difference and see how more effective it is, and maybe follow suit. We’ll see!


February has really been a chaotic and busy month. It’s unclear if March will be any better as my own birthday is in a couple of weeks. Not that I really want to celebrate it, yet doing something special would be nice. I will have to adjust my schedule to match my husband’s work hours. But we have time to experiment. As long as I am able to do what I want to do, even if its for a few minutes each day. It’s better than not doing it at all.

Now that I have a decent working PC, I’ll be able to be more active and get back into working on my project!

~Thank you~

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