Using my artistic skills to tell my story, as “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

After struggling with anxiety for many years, and now being a stay-at-home parent, I’ve felt it become more challenging, and for the past year, I’ve found that drawing has helped me in so many ways.
It’s only recently that I had an idea that has given me something to focus on, as well as to help express my feelings in a way I feel most comfortable with. Art has always been what has relaxed and calmed me the most.

Although everyone deals with emotions differently, I want to share my experiences in a way that is easier for me express things. So, if someone can relate and it helps them know they are not alone in feeling that way, then I’m glad it helps in some way or another.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved drawing. My Grandparents were watercolour artists and I wanted to be like them. I remember when they bought me my first water colour pencil set when we were on holiday in the Lake District. I just wanted to use them so much even though I didn’t fully understand how to use them properly. It was just so much fun to do.

I went on to study Art in High School and at A-Levels. It was the best subject to just find projects to do and draw whatever I can. Then. at University I went onto studying Digital Art as a minor (with Choreography as my major). Since then, I’ve been experimenting with different mediums and developing my skills as a Digital artist.

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