After review my previous releases, I’ve made a few changes to the content list and have been experimenting with paints. In addition, I plan to make more blog entries to help communicate my process a little better.

Emotional Burst

A few weeks ago, I had a little bit of an outburst and kind of exploded. I think moving and still adjusting to very countryside life hit a little snag. I wasn’t sure how to deal with my anxiety getting the better of me, so I dealt with things in a very bad way. This has been the second time where I wasn’t able to deal with things very well. But I learnt my mistakes and I was able to communicate most of what I was feeling with my husband and that has really helped. It was probably the first real talk we had face-to-face after an argument.

While everything has been a lot better since we talked. I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to share what I was feeling this month, rather than using the same concept for next month. It’s better to use recent events to help spark creativity rather than leaving for another month. I just hope that I am able to explain everything clearly enough.

New Art Work Experiment

This week I decided to try to paint something to add to add as part of my subscription content. I have noticed that some Webtoon artists have been exploring the use of watercolours and have posted their amazing work and it made me curious as to see what my watercolour artwork would look like.

I used to use watercolours a lot before I moved to Japan as I was exploring mixed medium art. I have never really been taught on how to use watercolours properly. Sure I know how to use the paints, but its the actual techniques that I never really understood. So, thanks to wonderful Youtube, I was able to find one very helpful video that teaches techniques and how to use them within a composition.

This video really helped me I hope I can use these techniques to share more art content with my subscribers.

Work Out Sessions

Now, sadly I haven’t had any motivation to work out this past week. I have not been able to manage my time properly and I’ve been trying to focus more playing with LO as much as possible rather than just focusing on chores and trying to find ways of getting some creative time for myself.

It’s been pretty much a sluggish week and I hope that in the next couple of days, I can actually do some exercise that isn’t cleaning the house and playing with my child. I am starting to feel better at getting into a daily routine, but there are a few kinks that I need to iron out so I can actually fit in a work out session as well as everything else.

Journal Time

This is one thing that I have kept up with a little bit. Although I did start doing it for once every 2 days. But this week I am making sure that I write in it before I go to bed. This journal, which I showed in my previous post has helped me focus on positive things more. And it has allowed me to be more open and honest about how I am feeling. I haven’t done the first reflection page yet, as admittedly, I haven’t set it as priority thing to do just yet.

I have noticed that I feel happy/energised when I have completed a to-do list to make sure that I’m not lazy or feel useless for not getting everything done. Last month I bought a small A5 blackboard to keep in the kitchen, so I can write what’s for dinner. This helped me make sure I eat a proper meal and that I can try new dishes to cook my LO to see what likes and doesn’t like. However, today, I used the blackboard to write down my to-do list so I have a visible list and I can add to easily. I will be keeping the list on the board as it really does seem to help and it doesn’t waste post-its.

So Overall…

Even though I had a bad few days. I definitely a little more stable emotionally. Taking that big step to talking about things with my husband helped and I have felt a lot closer to him. I know that the past few months haven’t be easy and we are still in the adjustment period. But it was a good step for us. I also feel more secure with out relationship and changed my view point on certain things. Being able to manage my time and using to-do lists have helped improved things so much. I just hope that I can maintain everything to see if there is any more improvements or adjustments that I can make.

It really is funny how doing a few little things can make some big changes. Feeling more stable emotionally and having an ok balance is good for now. But I will continue to look at other ways I can improve things and see what effect they have. For now, its time for me to write in my journal before going to sleep.


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